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Section 8

Crosman 3D Printed Accessories

$34.50 (Shipped to USA Addresses)

$50.50 USD (Shipped Internationally)

Replace your Crosman factory plastic breech with this 2-Piece Long Pic or 11MM Rail breech.


  • Designed, 3D printed and tested by longtime airgun accessory manufacturer TKO Design/AirGunMods - Since 2001

  • Printed using a tough high-strength filament material on daily calibrated FDM equipment

  • Unique design allows the use of the factory bolt/handle. Also accepts after market bolt kits.

  • Long Picatinny or 11MM rails allows more options on sight mounting placements.

  • Wide open port makes loading pellets easier

  • Easy 15-minute installation  - Breech Assembly Instructions included. For a full breech and gun installation video, see this link.

  • Smooth operation

  • Available with Right Side Bolt (default, shown in pictures) or Left Side Bolt.

  • Fits any of the Crosman 2240 type pistols with the factory plastic breech (2240, 2240XL, 1377, 1322, 1389, Drifter, C362 and the Crosman C3622.

  • Free Shipping!

  • Will not fit the Benjamin Marauder pistol, Crosman 1720T or the Crosman 1701P pistols.


Click this link to view the AGM 2-Piece Breech assembly and installation videos.

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