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TKO Airguns Shipping Policies:

1. We try to ship standard production items within 4-5 BUSINESS days... BUT... Please allow 7-14 days for manufacturing & shipping. We don't work at the TKO Airgun Shop on weekends or holidays, but usually answer the phone on Saturdays.

2. Items that are custom orders, items that aren't normally kept in stock but are manufactured in batches (.25 cal brakes, tube stocks, Marauder Pistol Brakes, etc.) and items that require special handling (Special finish, brushed, painted, orders that have multiple types of products, triggers, sights, etc.) might ship 7-14 days from order date.


If you received a confirmation e-mail from PayPal that your payment was processed ... that also indicates we received your order and will enter the order in our job ticket system the next business day.

3. We can only give an exact order status report if you send an e-mail to or with:

  • Full name as it appears on the original order. (If you use another's name on the PayPal or Credit Card order, we need that in the message.)

  • City, State and Zip

  • Date Ordered

  • Item Ordered


There will be a delay in response if you don't include the required information.


We welcome your phone call (402-889-9222) for order status updates, but we will still require a follow-up e-mail from you with the required info for a response if we aren't in the shop when you call.


4. We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) and most orders are shipped First Class Parcel with Delivery Confirmation. Our postage system ( will send out a shipping notification, however, that notification is not usually the actual date of shipping. It is an automated message generated by and though it does contain the correct tracking number, it may take a few days before the package is trackable through USPS or


5. Be patient!


If ordering by mail, make checks or money orders payable to and mail to:

Mike Tiehen

323 South 50th St.

Omaha, NE 68132


Include a note with your email address with your order and we will provide a USPS Tracking number upon shipment.

A Note About PayPal Payments

We have used PayPal for over 25 years for payments for our airgun parts. PayPal does offer payments using a credit or debit card, but the checkout process can be a bit confusing. PayPal offers most all users the option to create a PayPal account when using our checkout system.

You can Select "Pay with a debit/credit card", however the payment page might attempt to allow you to "create an account & Pay". You can disable that option by unchecking the Create Option. See below...

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