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Benjamin Marauder, Woodswalker, Crosman 1720T

A terrific addition to your Benjamin Marauder and Woodswalker pistol and the Crosman 1720T pistol. Fully machined (not 3D printed). A few custom options are available. Call or email us for more info.

Will Fit and work great on these models:

  • Benjamin Marauder Pistol (& Carbine)

  • Benjamin Woodswalker Pistol (&Carbine)

  • Crosman 1720T Target Pistol


If you are ordering this TKO Mod for these airguns, you can send us your original fill cap for free machining and return shipping. Send to the address at the bottom of this page...


We now have custom Machined Fill Caps available for the Marauder Pistol based pistols. See the Section 3 for more info.

TKO Benjamin Suppressor for the Marauder Pistol.

$78.00 (USA Shipping)

$86.00 (International Shipping)

The Benjamin Marauder Pistol, Woodswalker Pistol and the Crosman 1720T all share a great design that can be used as either a pistol, or converted to a handy carbine with the addition of the Crosman Shoulder Stock. These pistols incorporate an efficient valving system and when equipped with the TKO Stage-V Moderator, are some of the quietest airguns we have ever tested.

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