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Since 2003, we have manufactured our machined TKOAirguns Stage-V LDCs, air strippers, silencers, half-shrouds and full shrouds for a wide range of PCP and Co2 air rifles and air pistols. Click the sections below to learn more...

TKO Section 1 Short & Long Moderators

SECTION 1: Benjamin Discovery and Maximus, Crosman 2240, 2250, 2260, 2400KT, 2300KT, C362 and most of the Crosman Custom Shop Guns with the 7/16" barrels. *PRICE DECLINE - Now $49.00 shipped and get FREE parts when you order from this section*

Benjamin Marauder TKO Moderator

SECTION 2: Benjamin Marauder Pistol, Woodswalker and 1720T pistols​.

TKO Fill Caps

SECTION 3: Machined Fill Caps for Benjamin Discovery Rifle and the Marauder and Woodswalker Pistols.

TKO High Performance Airgun Moderators

SECTION 4: High-Performance 1" TKO suppressors for airguns threaded 1/2-20UNF. Can also be bored for slip-on models secured using set-screws.

.875" TKO Moderators

SECTION 5: A slightly smaller diameter (.875") TKO airgun suppressors to fit a wide range of PCP, pump-up and Co2 airguns.

TKO 2260 Benchrest Pistol

SECTION 6: Use this Section for custom products, special orders, tuning and other listed accessories.

TKO 1911 and Discovery/C362 Trigger Kit

SECTION 7: The TKO 1911W Trigger for the Crosman 2240 type grip frames.


TKO Maximus Suppressor
Crosman 2240 with Forged CF finish
Marauder Pistol Suppressor
TKO .75" and .875" Suppressors
TKO Fill Caps
  • Many others TKO Suppressor models are available, please call ... We can develop a TKO airgun suppressor for your special project.

  • Check out our Gallery for more ideas for your airgun hobby. Visit the FAQs page for more ideas for your airgun project!

  • NOTE: We don't currently make our TKO Mods for the Korean (Sam Yang, etc.) or most break barrel, springer/piston/Nitro airguns.

  • Also check out our 3D Printed Airgun Suppressors at!



SECTION 8: Crosman 3D printed breech accessories.

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