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(Some items are development, some out of stock. Feel free to contact me for drawings, .dxf files or other tips about making these parts. There is more airgun hobby work available than 20 more parts makers can possibly do!)

We are always looking to ugrade our custom parts and services....

TUNES: (WE HAVE DISCONTINUED THE DISCOVERY TUNES AT THIS TIME) We are currently producing a DIY Discovery/Maximus Tune video... Should be up and available by January 14th, 2017.

We feel that we offer the best Discovery Air Rifle tune in the hobby market.

Our $80 Discovery tune includes:

  • Testing the gun for accuracy and shot string before disassembly
  • Disassemble and check for wear and corrosion
  • Recrown barrel, smooth leade (chamber), chamfer the barrel inlet port and lightly lap the first 2/3 of the barrel. We also slug the finished barrel for tight areas.
  • Trim .001 from the breech end of the barrel.
  • Deburr the airtube slots and screw holes
  • Polish the striker bearing surface
  • Polish the striker, especially the nose section
  • Valve work depending on the level of power wanted (We aim for accuracy first, then work on power if wanted. We feel that an accurate gun (and one that gets more shots is better than a powerful gun that won't shoot straight.)
  • We assemble the ports with a polymer glue to create a perfect seal from the valve to the barrel
  • Install and tune a TKO Drilled Barrel band
  • Trigger work includes adding a sear engageent adjustment, polish the sear and transfer link, changing the trigger retur spring and altering the sear return spring.
  • We assemble the finished action in our test stock and shoot for accuracy and shot string

Our Discovery Tune is guaranteed to exceed the factory accuracy level of the Discovery.

BSA Lonestar tunes $80:

The BSA Lonestar is a trememdous value for the money with a terrific barrel in all calibers. It has the potential for great power with a rather easy to perform tune. We remove the valve choker and enlarge the ports slightly which can build tremendous power... but at the e xpense of shot count with the rather small airtube.

The BSA is a bit tricky to disassemble and assemble correctly, and the trigger parts benefit greatly from a re-hardening and tune.

PCP Pistols/Carbines

We assemble and test 3-4 of the Crosman based PCP pistols each month. Each gun has a unique set of features, but all are built and tested for accuacy above all else. Even though they look huge, they handle and shoot beautifully. Models include specific features for field target, hunting, plinking, high shot count, or power. All have great triggers, either tuned Crosman trigger parts or TKO 2-stage trigger assemblies and either a TKO Stage V brake or the TKO MB-50 target air stripper

We start with a new Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT guns and adapt them from that base pistol.

Contact us for availability and timeline.

Prices range from $265 to $350 depending on features.

Misc Custom Parts:

TKO MB50 Muzzle Brake and Muzzle Air Stripper (Sorry -- Discontinued)
New MB50 design has a flat profile. Easily fits over the Discovery fill adapter for easy of filling. (Get the TKO Stage V for best sound performance.)

Air Stripper works by stripping the following co2 or air from the back and sides of the pellet and venting it to the side. Slightly reduces the report. Designed for competitin air pistols and originally designed for the TKO Field Target pistols.

--- Discontinued ---



Contact Info:  
TKO Airguns
Mike Tiehen
323 South 50th St.
Omaha, NE 68132 USA
Phone: 402-889-9222





These parts are available on a limited basis. Please call or e-mail for current availability.

Tube Stocks by BT:

These stocks screw into the rear of the Marauder Pistol and are very lightweight. It allows you to use custom grips on the pistol grip and do away with the low cheekpiece on the plastic Crosman 1399 stock. I have customers that have added a cheekpiece of foam to the tubestock for winter shooting.

Also available for the Crosman 22xx and 13xx airtube sizes.
$74 shipped

Metal Discovery Trigger Blade
A new "Target" trigger profile for your Disovery rifle. Easy installation. Gives a more positive feel to the trigger action, as well as feels better to the trigger finger. Looks sharp and works great. Polished Aluminum, CNC machined. Includes precision trigger pin to reduce trigger blade slop.

(2 frame animation --- TKO Blade shown installed in trigger assembly -- assembly not included)

$32 shipped

2-piece Adjustable Finger Pad Discovery Trigger.

$32 shipped

Curently only installing the TKO 2-stage in TKO PCP Custom pistols and carbines.

TKO 22xx 2-stage Trigger
For the ultimate 2-stage (or single stage) target trigger. We install the 2 stage sear parts into your frame. Guaranteed true target trigger performance: Consistent, light, crisp, safe!

Frame is drilled for additional pivot point (not visible with grips installed.)

Curently only installing the TKO 2-stage in TKO PCP Custom pistols and carbines.