The TKO Discovery Muzzle Brake Installation - Discovery Rifle

Remove the end cap. It won't fit after the LDC is installed unless altered.

Using a small screwdriver, remove the screw that holds on the front sight.

Using a 5/64 allen wrench, loosen and remove the muzzle weight.

Slide the LDC onto the barrel. Rare variations in Crosman barrel diameters may require shimming or sanding. (Rarely needed.)

DO NOT TWIST the LDC to install. Press the LDC straight on, with the set-screws on either side.

Press the LDC onto the barrel until the end of the LDC base is even with the edge of the air tube fill cap. See picture above.

Use a 1/16 allen wrench to snug the set screws against the barrel. Not too tight as you could strip the threads or marr the barrel finish.
You can shoot your Discovery without the fill cap, but the altered end cap looks better.

Finished. If removing the LDC, don't twist. Press the LDC base off. The front sight is the correct height for the muzzle brake...just glue it onto the brake and you're set to shoot open sights!

The TKO Discovery Muzzle Brake Installation -
Crosman 22xx Rifles and Pistols
Be sure the gun is unloaded.

  1. Remove the front sight from the barrel. You can use a wood dowel to tap it off.
  2. Slip the TKO Muzzle Brake onto the barrel (try to avoid "twisting" the brake on) until the set-screws are 1/4" behind the muzzle of the barrel.
  3. Lightly tighten the set screws, alternating each screw until just snug. The set screws have a cupped end that will "bite" into the barrel. Your front site will cover any marks if you remove the brake and replace the sights.
  4. Test the gun to be sure there isn't any pellet clipping. If the brake is clipping pellets, loosen the set-screws and rotate the brake 1/4 turn and re-tighten screws, then re-test.
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